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Updated: Feb 25

This is a continuation of Understanding Maximo and SAP Maintenance series. If you missed the previous parts, I included links at the end of the post

Task List

Task Lists are comprised of objects such as Header, Activities, Components, PRT, etc. We won’t be able to go through all of them but we will go over most.

Task List Header

Task List Header can be safely mapped to Job Plan. By definition, it essentially holds information about the Work Center and System Condition (Condition for Work).

Task List Activities

A list of the activities to be done as part of the Work Order. This is the essence of the Work Order and you will notice that both systems have the exact information but with some differences.

The main differences are:

Work Center at Activity Level

Work Center (Work Groups) at Activity level, this is a very flexible way to distribute activities on different group of people. In SAP, Work Order has a list of Operations and each Operation can be assigned to different group of people. However, in Maximo a group of people are assigned to the whole Work Order including all of its Tasks. This is an advantage in SAP as it allows to produce a more compressed plan.

For example, In SAP, it is easy to create a single Task List and splitting the Operations into two Work Centers. In Maximo you will need to create two separate Job Plans and split the tasks in addition to aligning the dates of the Work Orders from both Job Plans.

Maximo has addressed this requirement with Nested Job Plans which, theoretically, provides this exact functionality plus more. But the administration overhead (including forecasting) is quite cumbersome.

Task List Components

Those are essential the material needed to perform the job. It corresponds directly to Job Plan Planned Material in Maximo. The key information are the Material/Item and the quantity.

What's Next?

In the next post I will discuss Maintenance Packages.









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