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Updated: Feb 25

In this post we will look into the similarities between data structure of both Maximo and SAP. and we will also attempt to come up with a basic mapping.

Keep in mind that the basic mapping discussed here is generally acceptable but it will certainly require further iteration to tailor it to the target systems. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, the links can be found at the end of the post.

Let’s start by placing both data structure diagrams next to each other. At this this point we are aware of the basic functionalities of critical fields in both systems.

Understanding Maximo SAP Maintenance


Maintenance Plan vs Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Both objects share the configuration information regarding the scheduling and generation of Work Orders. It is possible to:

  1. Control some key dates

  2. Decide on how soon to create the Work Order in reference to its date

  3. Control creation of the next Work Order based on the completion of the previous Work Order

However, specifying the Frequency of how often a Work Order shall be created is a point of difference here. In Maximo, the “Frequency” and “Frequency Unit” will specify when the next Work Order will be created. This implies that all associated objects such as Job Plans and Job Tasks are all generated at the same time.

In SAP, Maintenance Package can be associated with each individual Operation (Task) implying that only Operations with the due Maintenance Package will be part of the created Work Order. This gives a greater flexibility in compressing multiple plans into one by pushing the frequency down to the operation level.

Maintenance Item

Maintenance Item is an object that doesn’t have an exact match in Maximo but a combination of data from multiple fields. For example, Maintenance Item has reference to Functional Location and Equipment which in Maximo are specified in the PM. Additionally, Maintenance Item specifies the Order Type and Work Center which in Maximo are specified in the Job Plan.

This is very important, we cannot come up with a one-to-one match between SAP and Maximo EAM objects. Never the less, the collective EAM data in both systems are essentially the same.

What's Next?

In the next post I will go over Task Lists and Job Plans, this is where we will encounter some major difference between the two systems.








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