Understanding Maximo and SAP Maintenance Part 2

Updated: Feb 25

In this part of IBM Maximo SAP PM EAM Preventive Maintenance I will discuss the SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) or EAM. As a start, the business objectives and functionalities are quite similar between IBM Maximo and SAP PM. Both systems addresses the maintenance aspects of business in similar fashion but lets look into the data structure as a start.

I will focus on how SAP PM structure it’s PM data; this should help us establish a common ground between the two system and eventually map the two systems.

This is a continuation for part 1: https://adijaradat.com/post/understanding-maximo-and-sap-maintenance-part-1/

IBM Maximo SAP PM EAM Preventive Maintenance

IBM Maximo SAP PM EAM Preventive Maintenance

  1. Maintenance Plan: Allows you to hold together one or more Maintenance Items and it primarily determines the maintenance dates and the call object.

  2. Maintenance Item: Describes the activities to be performed and most importantly holds the a reference to the Functional Location or Equipment. It also allows you to specify the Activity Type.

  3. Task List: Use it to describes the activities (operations) to be performed including materials and deadlines. There are three types of Task Lists:

  4. General Maintenance Task List: can be used with any Technical Object

  5. Functional Location Task List: can be associated with one Functional Location

  6. Equipment Task List: can be associated with one Equipment.

  7. Operation: Describes the work to be done when the Task List is implemented.

  8. Maintenance Package: Used to control the frequency of which the maintenance work to be performed.

Of course there are much more details than what has been illustrated above and by enabling certain business functions you may have slight changes.

The intention here is not to interrogate all the functionalities of each system, however, this is something I might address in future post.

In the next post, we will put the two data structures side-by-side and try to logically map some of the functions and fields.




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