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Understanding Maximo and SAP Maintenance Part 1

Updated: Feb 25

IBM Maximo and SAP EAM (PM) are two world-class competitors in the EAM arena. Both systems achieve their targets flawlessly, however, each system does things a little bit differently.

This post could have been a one-to-one functional comparison between the two systems but I decided to spare this for a future post. I will focus on how data is structured in both systems and this should give you the framework to transfer your knowledge from one system to the other.

Lets start with the IBM Maximo side but keep in mind that I had to simplify and abstract a lot of information in order to keep this post focused and readable.

Maximo organizes the maintenance related data using the following containers:

IBM Maximo SAP PM EAM Preventive Maintenance

  1. PM (Preventive Maintenance): an information container that holds together the structure of your maintenance plans. A PM can have a parent and hence you may decide to build a hierarchy of PMs which can be configured to be triggered all together and can be used to synchronize maintenance activities. PM record contains a Location (Functional Location) / Asset (Equipment) and is used to determine when the next Work Order shall be generated.

  2. PM Sequence: A way to strategize your maintenance plan allowing a single PM to demand different work based on cycle. For example, 3M work can be different than 6M and 12M as well.

  3. Job Plan: A critical component of the maintenance plan which defines the work to be done. The Job Plan holds critical information such as the Work Type, Activity Code (Activity Type), and Person Group (Main Work Center),

  4. Job Task: Details of work, usually steps or procedure points to be applied while performing the work, In many companies, Job Task is enhanced to include information about the Location and the Asset.

There are way much more details that Maximo holds in order to provide you with the best-of-breed functionalities its famous for.

To design a maintenance plan with strategy (multiple cycles) you will decide on values similar to the below:

In the next post, I will discuss SAP take on structuring Maintenance Plans.





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