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The Power of Maximo URL Parameters Builder

Updated: Feb 25

IBM Maximo does a great job when it comes to instrumenting URLs using a diverse set of Parameters (Maximo URL). A great facility to utilize when you try to provide direct links to records, result sets, or simple actions.

Those are particularly useful when trying to provide third party applications including online manuals with direct links to Maximo.

The URL parameters allows you to:

  • Load a specific application. Maybe you have defined a default query for Work Order Tracking application and by just calling up the Work Order Tracking application the user can have a quick access to his "Work Center".

  • Load a specific record. A third party application could pin point a specific record in Maximo and provide access to this particular record. This is a very common approach you should adapt when configuring Communication Templates.

  • Load a result set. Either by QBE or full-blown Where clause and highly suggest referencing my post about "Maximo Where Clause" which allows you to take full advantage of this feature.

  • You can pass a long valid username and password if you don't have SSO, but more on this in a future post.

  • You can switch themes if a specific theme appeals more to you liking. I personally prefer the old high-contrast Maximo-6-inspired "class" theme.

Here is a little tool to make creating capable Maximo URL a little bit better, enjoy.





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