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The Power of Maximo URL Parameters Builder

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

IBM Maximo is a comprehensive asset management software solution that is widely used in various industries to manage and maintain physical assets such as infrastructure, facilities, and equipment. One of the key features of Maximo is its ability to instrument URLs using a diverse set of parameters, commonly referred to as Maximo URLs.

These Maximo URLs are useful for providing direct links to records, result sets, or simple actions within the Maximo application. This can be particularly helpful when providing third-party applications with access to Maximo data or when creating online manuals with links to specific records or actions within Maximo.

Maximo URLs are composed of a base URL, which specifies the location of the Maximo application, followed by a set of parameters that determine the specific record or action to be accessed. The base URL for a Maximo application is typically in the format of "https://[hostname]/maximo/webclient/login/login.jsp", where [hostname] is the name of the server hosting the Maximo application.

The parameters that can be included in a Maximo URL vary depending on the specific record or action being accessed. Some common parameters include:

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