• Adi Jaradat

Maximo System Properties

Updated: Feb 25

In this post I will provide a short highlight of some Maximo Properties and links to documentation.

Properties Types

Global Properties

Properties which must exist at the system level. All instance will have the exact same value.

Instance Only Properties

Properties which can have different values for each instance.

Live Refresh

Not all properties can be Live-Refreshed, only if the “Live Refresh” check box is ticked. Once properties changes have been save, the live-refresh functionality can be invoked to update all instances caches with the new changes.

Keep in mind that refreshing all caches requires sometime, it is not instant.

Properties in Database

Maximo Properties are stored in the database and can be found in the following tables:

  1. MAXPROP: Maximo Properties

  2. MAXPROPVALUE: Maximo Property Values

  3. MAXPROPINSTANCE: View of MAXPROP where servername is not COMMOM

Some Properties






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