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Maximo and SAP Mapping

Updated: Feb 25

When migrating from Maximo to SAP or working on designing an integration between the two systems, it is inevitable that you will be faced with the challenge to have some fun and map a whole bunch of fields.

Certainly not the most exciting exercise nor the prettiest however having the right resources would help a lot. Luckily, Maximo Enterprise Adapter for SAP Applications documentation is a great starting point. The freely available online documentation contains a great deal of details.

The official IBM link below should help you to get started mapping the following apps:

  1. Contract

  2. CO Posting

  3. Craft

  4. Domain

  5. GL Accounts

  6. Inventory

  7. Inventory Balances

  8. Inventory Vendor

  9. Invoice

  10. Issue

  11. Items

  12. Labor

  13. Labor Hours

  14. Purchase Order

  15. Purchase Requisition

  16. Receipt

  17. Vendors


Mapping functionalities between the two systems is a topic that I will discuss independently in a separate post.




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