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Building JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo Part 4

Updated: Feb 25

This is the second part of Building Monitor for IBM Maximo using Apache JMeter.

JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo - Apache JMeter

JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo – Apache JMeter

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What to expect?

There are many contributing factors to the result you may receive. Network interruptions and Network congestions can trigger an email to you, but remember you can control the “Connection Time Out” and “Response Time Out”. Try to be tolerant to the Network average performance.

It could happen that an instance is overly busy processing a lengthy request, for example, loading a big file. This case will trigger an email. You have to get down to the Log file and inspect what’s going on.

If you have done your high-availability setup correctly you should not be deeply concerned if a couple of instance went down, but those are on your TODO list.

What’s next?

What we have achieved so far a “passive” monitoring, JMeter is monitoring Maximo instance and we receive an email to take an action. But what if we were able to abstract some of “our actions” allow JMeter to help us and respond promptly.

In order to achieve this we need to sharpen our skills in WebSphere, pick up a few tricks that can help us automate things. One of the interesting feature of WebSphere is the ability to virtually take any action using WebSphere scripting, officially known as “WS Admin Scripting”.

We may also need to acquire some knowledge program in other languages, namely Jython and Python programming languages. Those are scripting languages which allows a great flexibility when writing and deploying changes to code. Additionally, Python is rather new language compared to Java for instance, but it hosts some of the best libraries for mathematics and statistics which will proof to be extremely useful when we talk about Machine Learning and Maximo-specific learning models in future posts.

This brings us to an important topic which is Autonomous Administration. Yes, Oracle has been bombarding everybody with their Autonomous Database. I must admit, that’s a leap forward for Oracle but what if we could achieve a short level of self-driving when administering Maximo!

I have a few developments around autonomous Maximo administration, I may write some more about them in the future.





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