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Building JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo Part 3

Updated: Jun 21

This is the second part of Building Monitor for IBM Maximo using Apache JMeter.

JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo - Apache JMeter

JMeter Monitor for IBM Maximo – Apache JMeter

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BeanShell Assertion

We can do a lot here to orchestrate actions using WSAMIN, but will leave this for later post.

View Results Tree

Use it when modifying the Test Plan, but you won’t need if JMeter is running in the background (faceless).

User Defined Variables

It is a good idea to define variables which are accessible through the scope of your Test Plan. Place frequency referenced variables here for example:

  1. Thread Delay

  2. Connection Time Out

  3. Response Time Out

  4. Email From

  5. Email To

You will need to use those variable in every Thread Group (for every Maximo instance) so it make sense to have them defined as a variables so you can update it them easily.

Saving JMeter Test Plan

Make sure to save the Test Plan and place it somewhere where you can easily reference.

Running Faceless JMeter (No GUI)

Create a batch file to start up the JMeter and load up the Test Plan:

DRIVE:\apache-jmeter-3.1\apache-jmeter-3.1\bin\jmeter.bat -n -t "D:\PATH\Test_Plans\HTTP_PROD.jmx" 

Now you can exercise your Test Plan in the background and expect JMeter to monitor your application and email you in case it noticed something.

Configure JMeter as a Windows Service

Yes it makes sense to configure this Windows Service cause computers get restarted every now and then. If the machine, hopefully a server, running you JMeter gets restarted and JMeter was not then you lose a great deal of visibility.

There are tools which help in creating Windows Services, for example you can use NSSM, quite useful tool that does the job. Once you have your JMeter configured as Windows Service, make sure to configure to run automatically and hopeful using a service account.

JMeter Monitor for Maximo NSSM Tool

JMeter Monitor for Maximo NSSM Tool





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