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Add Supporting URL to Maximo KPIs

Updated: Feb 25

Maximo KPIs and Start Center

Maximo KPIs displayed in the Start Center leaves users looking for more! However, we have to keep in mind that Start Center is not a replacement or a substitute to a capable Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools. It is a very convenient way to display vital information right there in front of every Maximo user.

I was confronted with Start Center limitations while developing some KPIs for one of my clients. I had to figure out a way to accomplish what was required.

It all started with KPIs, along their supporting breakdown reports. The Maintenance Department requested those KPIs to track vital signs and comply with the organizations Maintenance Code of Practice. After the deployment of the reports and KPIs were completed, the client asked if it was possible to show those KPI figures in the Start Center. Why not, that is why KPI Manager exists!

Then, the client asked to link the breakdown reports published in Reporting Platform to those Maximo Start Center KPIs. It turns out that it is not that difficult after all! The exact steps used in accomplishing this ware shared in the next section:

The Steps

  1. Have the breakdown report published and obtain the direct URL to the report. Keep in mind that some reports require passing in parameters, you have to take those in consideration.

  2. In KPI Manager, create the desired KPI

  3. In Start Center, configure the KPIs in a portlet

  4. Go back to the KPI Manager and change the KPI Description to include the breakdown report URL

Luckily, the Start Center portlets renders the KPI Description as HTML and not as a plain text. Consequently, embedded HTML tags in the KPI Description will render HTML elements.

For example, you set the KPI Description to something like this:

My KPI Title <br><a href="http://my_breakdown_Report_URL" target="_blank">Tracking Report</a> 

If you like such little hacks, I have posted a few of them before, check them out.







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